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The Safety Goals of Jacques Electric 1997 Ltd. in Dawson Creek


Jacques Electric 1997 Ltd. is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for the benefit of employees, contractors, management, clients, the general public, and the environment. Our people are our most important asset; from our service technicians to the office staff, it is them that make Jacques Electric what we are. Our staff’s experience is not only an asset in terms of our services, but also in terms of workplace safety. In order to ensure a safe work environment, we obtained safety certifications and comply with the safety standards in our industry.


Jacques Electric 1997 Ltd. management believes that establishing and maintaining safe work practices through a combination of training, procedures, and policies with everyone’s commitment to safety can prevent accidents.


The mission of Jacques Electric 1997 Ltd. is to meet or exceed all legislative and regulatory requirements, establish a proactive safety environment, and be respectively diligent in dealing with all issues regarding Environmental Health and Safety.


Our objective is to encourage a positive attitude towards safety, and to promote safe and healthy working conditions that reduce accidents and near misses, and limit adverse effects of these activities on the environment.


To achieve our goal of an accident and injury-free workplace, we have established a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) program conforming to industry standards as well as to applicable health, safety, and environmental regulations and laws. The program’s agenda includes:


  • Training all employees in safe work procedures and practices.
  • Assigning responsibility and accountability to all managers, and employees for safety performance.
  • Providing the necessary resources to support the HSE program.
  • Conducting health and safety meetings.
  • Conducting a program of health and safety inspections.
  • Hazard identification and risk control.
  • Incident/Accident reporting.


We COR™-certified and a member of ISNetworld®ComplyWorks, and PICS.


For more details on the safety program of Jacques Electric, please contact us at any time.


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